Video — Deep dive: Compiling deep learning models, from XLA to PyTorch 2

Julien Simon
Feb 28, 2024

Compilation is an excellent technique to accelerate the training and inference of deep learning models, especially if it can be completely automated!

In this video, we discuss deep learning compilation, from the early days of TensorFlow to PyTorch 2. Along the way, you’ll learn about key technologies such as XLA, PyTorch/XLA, OpenXLA, TorchScript HLO, TorchDynamo, TorchInductor, and more. You’ll see where they fit and how they help accelerate models on a wide range of devices, including custom chips like Google TPU and AWS Inferentia 2.

Of course, we’ll also share some simple examples, including how to easily accelerate Hugging Face models with PyTorch 2 and torch.compile().