Pre:Invent 2019 — Time to catch up!

Winter is coming. Good! Plenty of time to read AWS docs.

Applied ML

Use ML models in Amazon Quicksight.

AI Services

Amazon Comprehend: Natural Language Processing

Real-time custom classification is now supported (documentation).

Amazon Forecast: Forecasting

You can now use any quantile, not just p10 / p50/ p90.

Amazon Lex: Chatbots

Sentiment analysis is available (documentation).

Amazon Personalize: Personalization and Recommendation

Batch mode predictions are now supported (documentation).

Amazon Polly: Text To Speech

A new ‘conversational’ style has been released for Neural TTS.

Amazon Rekognition: Image And Video Analysis

You can now train models on custom labels (feature will be available on December 3rd).

Amazon Translate: Neural Translation

22 new languages and 6 new regions (documentation).

Amazon Transcribe: Automatic Speech Recognition

15 new languages have been added in two batches (documentation).

Machine Learning Services

Amazon SageMaker

Multi-model endpoints (documentation)!

AWS DeepRacer

Infrastructure and Frameworks

Amazon Elastic Inference: Fractional GPU Acceleration

New accelerators with more GPU memory, woohoo (documentation).

Deep Learning Containers

PyTorch is now supported (documentation).



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